EJM Advantage

EJM-AdvantageThere’s a lot of reasons you’ll be glad you’re working with E.J. Metals on your next fire truck, foam system, skid unit or refurb/rebody.  We like to think of the things that make your life easier.  Features that make sure your apparatus works all day, every day, for a long time.  And details that make the difference between perfect and, well, . . . you know.

We can’t possibly go into them all here, but to highlight just a few things that we think matter:

  • Warranties – We take our time designing, testing and perfecting our products.  As a result, we couldn’t be happier to offer the longest warranties in the industry, as standard.  That means a 1-year limited warranty on the entire apparatus,  a 20-year limited warranty on the body and sub-frame assembly, and a 7-year limited warranty on water and foam system plumbing.  We dare you to top that.
  • Limitless customization – We want to build your fire truck just one way.  The way you want it.  So, in addition to an expansive list of standard options to help you get started on spec’ing your next apparatus, we’re happy to customize almost anything you want.  Just ask us.
  • Stainless steel – A lot of people offer stainless steel plumbing.  So do we.  But we go just a bit further than most.  We make sure that all welds go through passivation and a phosphate wash.  Because otherwise, it doesn’t matter if your plumbing is stainless steel, it’ll still corrode at the joints.  We really couldn’t do it any other way.
  • Thoughtful design features that help make your apparatus safer, more effective and more durable.  Like a truly lightweight sub-frame construction that gives you extra capacity to use for more water or more gear.  Or ultra-robust, pan-style compartment doors that you know are solid, just from the way they sound when you slam them shut. Or a drop-down dry chemical tank that makes it easy to refill from the ground, not the top of the truck.

Some call us fanatics.  Because we make sure every detail is right, every weld perfect, every connection easy-to-reach.  Because we’re craftsmen who like nothing better than welding, fabricating and assembling with precision.  Because we’ll customize just about anything and enjoy doing it.

We think that’s normal.