• Redbox1-AAC_MG_3106_2-600W

  • Redbox2-AAC_MG_3109_2-600W

It’s Time to Think Inside the Box.™

The RedBox™ Modular Transportable Equipment Container (MTEC) provides fire departments and emergency response organizations with almost unlimited options when it comes to economically storing and transporting equipment, supplies and even firefighting systems.  Built using premium rescue-body-type construction materials and methods, E.J. Metals custom designs each RedBox MTEC for your fire-rescue application:

  • Mobile command and office
  • Rehab
  • WMD and bomb response
  • Refrigeration and storage
  • Tech rescue
  • Collapse
  • Mobile service and repair
  • Rescue equipment transport

Especially when you’re challenged to do more with tight fiscal budgets, It’s Time to Think Inside the Box.™