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E.J. Metals brings you the Magnum 440P RIV for responding to fire, rescue and emergency situations. Invaluable for command and control, interdiction, haz-mat, and emergency management, these RIVs are perfect for municipal and county departments, military, forest services, petroleum facilities, aviation/airports and any other emergency services organization that can benefit from functionality and flexibility.

Magnum RIVs are designed to be small, quick and mobile, with the ability to carry up to five full-equipped emergency responders. Twin-agent technology makes them effective on a range of Class A and B fires.

Magnum 440 P


  • Ford Super Duty F-550 XLCrew Cab, 4 x 4, 84 in CA
  • Ford 6.4LPower Stroke®Turbo Diesel V-8 engine, 325 hp @ 3,000 rpm
  • Ford TorqShift® automatic, 5-speed transmission
  • 300 gallon water tank
  • 25 gallon foam cell
  • 450 lbs dry chemical tank
  • Two (2) crosslay hoses, each 1 3/4 in. (44.5 mm) x 200’
  • Side-mounted twinned agent hose reel with 100’ of 1” AFFF hose line and 100’ of 1” PKW dry chemical hose line
  • Twin-agent turret with a TFT Monitor, remote joystick controlled, 60 gpm foam and water, 8 lb dry chemical.
  • Williams Fire & Hazard Control, Inc. Hydro-Chem™ Nozzle, 60 gpm for water and foam, 5 lb dry chemical.
  • 8 KW Harrison hydraulic generator
  • Aluminum compartment body
  • Two (2) tow eyes, front and rear
  • Front bumper brush guard
  • LED emergency lighting package with siren (NFPA compliant)
  • External compressed gas cylinder recharge panel

Popular Options

  • Driver and passenger post-mounted spotlights
  • SCBA cavity seats
  • Class D portable extinguisher with mounting bracket
  • Class BC Purple-K dry chemical portable extinguisher with mounting bracket
  • Class ABC portable extinguisher with mounting bracket
  • Remote pan and tilt infrared/thermal image video camera
  • Rear fixed mount perimeter lights
  • Locking rollup compartment doors
  • Adjustable shelves and rollout trays