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Brush and Wildland Trucks

Wildland / Brush trucks are typically four-wheel drive trucks that are light enough to respond to fires in rough terrain — designed to move quickly where other fire trucks cannot, EJ Metals vehicles are built tough to withstand the abuse of off-road firefighting. With spring-loaded bodies and tanks for superior strength and durability, these trucks are built many ways to meet your department’s specific needs. Don’t underestimate the versatility, flexibility, and firefighting capacity of these workhorse vehicles; cabs are available in two-door, extended cab and four-door models along with 4X2 and 4X4 drive trains.

New Deliveries Brush Trucks

Saybrook-Arrowsmith Fire Protection District, located in Saybrook, IL


(2) Brush Trucks. Here are just a few highlights of these trucks:

  • 2016 Ford F-550 Super Duty XL DRW, 4×4 Chassis
  • Bumper Upgrade with Bumper Turret (16 GPM Ultra High Pressure)
  • Winch with power supply
  • Super Singles Wheels, Suspension lift kit
  • Adjustable shelving, two-way roll-out tray, adjustable tool board, SCBA mounting brackets & storage installed in each custom fabricated body
  • NFPA Lighting Package
  • 16 GPM @ 1,500PSI Ultra High Pressure Pump (with remote pump engine control):
  • Kubota DH902 diesel engine
  • 150ft of 1/2″ ultra high pressure hose (electric rewind)
  • E.J. Metals Ultra High Pressure Tri-Plex Nozzle (with storage mount)
  •  200-gallon water tank / 20 gallon foam cell (with level gauges)

More info here.

Sugar Grove Fire Department (Flatbed Brush Truck Skid Unit)



(2) Brush Trucks. Here are just a few highlights of these trucks:

  • Customer Provided Ford F450 4 x 4 Extended Cab Chassis
  • Buckstop Outback Bumper Kit
  • TFT Tornado, 2.5 Radio Controlled Bumper Turret with EJM TriPlex Nozzle
  • Cab Console with Remote UHP Engine Control & Front Bumper Discharge Control
  • Super Single Wheel & Tire Kit
  • 3” Suspension Lift Kit
  • 111” x 90” Flatbed Aluminum Body
  • Aluminum Headache Rack
  • 20 GPM @ 1,500 PSI Ultra High Pressure Pump
  • Honda GX630 Gasoline Engine
  • Operator Control Panel
  • LED Pump Panel Light
  • Winterization Inlet Port
  • Class A & Class B Foam Induction System with Foam Proportioner
  • Foam Jug Provisions
  • Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 150ft. of ½” High Pressure Hose
  • EJM TriPlex Locking Detent Nozzle
  • 200 Gallon Water Tank
  • 1.5” Direct Tank Fill/Drain
  • Water level Sight Gauge
  • Tank Indicator Kit, Miniature Tank Indicator Kit

More info here.

St. Helena Fire Department (Type 6 Wildland Unit)



F-550 Super Duty XLT Lariat DRW

  • 2018 Ford F-550 Super Duty XLT Lariat DRW, 4×4 Chassis
  • 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine
  • 60” Brush Truck Body Style
  • Buckstop Outback Bumper Kit
  • Front Bumper Hose Tray, Front Discharge
  • 16,500lb Winch
  • Cab Console with Armrests (2), Cup Holders (2) & Map Storage
  • (2) Two Brightstar Portable Lights
  • Customer Provided 2-Way Radio, (4) Hand Held Radio Chargers
  • Fire Fighting Gear Storage Compartment
  • Pac Trac Tool Board in RS Rear Compartment
  • Slide-In Rear Suction Hose Compartment
  • Aluminum Hose Bed
  • SCBA Storage, (2) I-Zone Brackets
  • 300G Water/20G Foam Tank
  • 2.5” Tank to Pump Line
  • Darley 2.5 AGE 24K Engine Mounted Water Pump
  • Electric Rewind Hose Reel with (3) Three 50ft. Lengths of 1” Booster Hose
  • Pac Trac Nozzle Holder, Close Off Plate
  • Automatic Foam Proportioning System, 12 VDC Foam Re-Fill System
  • Water & Foam Level Gauges, Water Tank Indicator
  • Pump Panel with LED Lighting & Pump Cover
  • Emergency & NFPA Lighting Packages
  • 55” Freedom IV Super-LED LC Lightbar
  • (2) Two Pioneer Plus Spot/Floodlights with Pole Mount

Shadeland Fire Department (Flatbed Brush Truck Unit)


Ford F550 Super Duty XL DRW

  • 2018 Ford F550 Duper Duty XL DRW, 4×4 Extended Cab, with 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine
  • Buckstop Outback Bumper Kit
  • TFT Front Bumper Turret
  • (2) Spray Nozzle Installed on Front Bumper
  • 10,000lb Portable, Multi-Mount Electric Winch
  • Cab Console
  • Super-Single Wheels & Tires
  • 3.00” Suspension Lift Kit
  • Emergency Lighting Package
  • Whelen 56” Justice LED Lightbar
  • 300G Water/10G Foam Tank
  • Water Level Gauge
  • Water Tank Indicator
  • 2.5” Water Tank Fill/Drain Valve
  • 105” x 90” Aluminum Flatbed Body
  • Aluminum Headache Rack
  • Auxiliary Engine Driven Pump
  • Deluxe Instrument Panels
  • Oil-Less Primer
  • 1” Hose Reel Discharge
  • Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 150’ of 1” Booster Hose, (1) Hose Roller Guide Assembly
  • Scotty 4071-NH Foam System

Red Lodge Fire & Rescue (Type 5 Flatbed Brush Truck)


RAM 5500 Crew Cab

  • Customer supplied 2018 RAM 5500 Crew Cab 4×4 with 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Buckstop Outback Bumper Kit
  • EJM Cab Console with Map Storage & Map Light, Switch Panel
  • Hard Suction Hose Storage under Flatbed Platform
  • 120” x 96” Aluminum Flatbed Body
  • Spare Tire Carrier
  • Adjustable Shelving, Compartment Lighting
  • Gas Can, Foam Jug Brackets
  • NFPA Lighting Package
  • Whelen 56” LED Justice Lightbar
  • (2) Heavy Duty Flood Light (Scene Lighting)
  • Heavy Duty Flood Light (Work Light)
  • 500G Water Tank2.5” Tank Fill/Drain Valve, Master Drain Valve
  • Darley 1-1/2AGE 24K High Pressure/Low Volume, Gear Driven Engine Mounted Water Pump
  • Kubota 24HP Diesel Engine)
  • Scotty 4071-NH Foam System
  • Control Panel with LED Lighting
  • Hand Actuated Pump Primer
  • (2) Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 100’ of 1” Booster Hose
  • Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 200’ of ¾” Forestry Garden Hose


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