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Mini Pumpers

Mini Pumper fire trucks are designed to be mobile counterparts to the full-size pumper. Many fire departments use this type of vehicle to go where larger trucks can’t; the shoulder of a freeway, down a driveway, up a mountain road, or even to the back yard of an apartment building.

The large pumps can be used for both attack and supply. These trucks are usually built to comply with NFPA 1901, but can also be equipped with specialty off-road options from our Quick Attack or Brush Trucks lines.

EJ Metals Mini Pumpers give you unmatched craftsmanship and customization options in an agile package. From the configurable storage and choice in tank sizes to the paint finish, ergonomics, and optional hatch compartments, it’s every inch an EJ Metals Fire Truck.

New Deliveries Mini Pumpers

Fort Ruckers (Mini Pumper Fire Truck)


Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis

CUSTOMER: United States Army – Ft. Rucker, Alabama 36362

CHASSIS: 2012 Ford F550 Super Duty, 6.7L Diesel, 84” CA, 4×4

  • EJM 109” Aluminum Body – 6” Header – Roll-Up Doors

  • Whelen DOT and Emergency Lighting

  • Multi-Plexed Programmable 12 VDC System

  • Nitrogen Charged Dry Chemical / CAFS System

  • 400 Gallon Water Tank

  • 50 Gallon Foam Cell

  • Darley 250 GPM Diesel Pump – In-Cab Controls

  • 100’ Twin Agent Booster Hose and Reel

  • 1- 1.5” Cross-Lay

  • TFT Remote Controlled Twin Agent Front Bumper Turret

  • 200# Dry Chemical System – (Rear Mounted)

  • Amdor Roll-Up Doors

  • Adjustable Compartment Shelving

  • M1-D Thermal Imaging Camera – (Roof Mounted)

  • LED Compartment Lighting

  • EJM Custom Aluminum Center Console

  • 3” Stainless Steel Rear Bumper with Flip Down Step

  • BuckStop Front Bumper Kit with 9500# Warn Winch

  • FRC Push-Up Lights

  • Class V Receiver Hitch, 7-Prong Wiring

  • Through Body Extension Ladder Storage – Rear Access

  • Lift-Up Diamond Plate Roof Hatch



Drivers Side:
Front:                         25.0” W x 62.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up
O/W:                           52.0” W x 41.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up
Rear:                          32.0” W x 54.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up

Passengers Side:
Front:                         25.0” W x 62.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up
O/W:                           52.0” W x 41.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up
Rear:                          32.0” W x 54.0” H x 22.5” D
Door Type:                  Roll-Up

Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club (Mini Pumper VEHICLE)


Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis

– 2017 Ford F-550 Super Duty XL DRW, 4×4 4-Door Crew Cab
– Cab Console with Map Storage & Map Light
– Rear Storage Shelf in Cab
– Split Shaft Assembly
– 9,500lb Portable Electric Winch
– 84” Cab to Axle – Mini Pumper
– 250G Water/20G Foam Tank
– Adjustable Shelving, Transverse Compartment Shelving
– (1) Vertical Partition, (2) Removable Panel
– Two-Way Roll-Out Tray
– (2) Tool Board
– SCBA Bottle Storage
– HSH & Ladder Storage
– Hard Suction Hose Bed, Hose Bed Dividers, Hose Bed Cover
– Pike Pole Storage
– Hale DSD 1,250 GPM Single-Stage, Centrifugal Mid-Ship Mounted Pump
– Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
– Oil-Less Primer, Foam Re-Fill System
– Pressure Governor and Engine Monitoring Display
– Operator Control Panel
– Water & Foam Level Gauge
– Tire Pressure Management Alert System
– Emergency Lighting Package
– Telescopic LED Floodlights

Shinglehouse Volunteer Fire Department (MINI-PUMPER Unit)


Ford F550 Super Duty XL DRW

– 2016 Ford F-550 Super Duty XL DRW, 4×4 Extended Cab
– 84” Cab to Axle Mini-Pumper
– Split Shaft Assembly
– Cab Console with Map Light
– Air Horn Kit
– 300G Water/30G Foam Tank
– 1.5” Water Tank Fill/Drain Valve
– Ladder Storage Brackets
– Adjustable Shelving, Transverse Compartment Shelving
– (2) Slide-Out/Tilt-Down Tray, Roll-Out Tray
– Hinged Vertical Tool Board (Swing-Out)
– Hose bed with Cover
– Hale 1,000 GPM Single Stage, Centrifugal Mid-Ship Mounted Pump
– Oil-Less Primer, Electronic Foam System
– Electric Rewind Hose Reel with 100ft. of 1” Booster Hose Line
– 1,000 GPM Remote Controlled Monitor
– Remote Control Telescoping Monitor Pipe
– Pressure Governor & Engine Monitoring Display
– Water & Foam Level Gauge
– Emergency Lighting Package
– (2) LED Telescopic Scene Light

Shinglehouse Volunteer Fire Dept. And Ambulance Association

Fort Rucker, Alabama (Mini Pumper)


Ford F-550 XL

– Ford F-550 XL ChassisSuper Cab
– Four Wheel Drive
– Diesel Engine
– 9’ Mini-Pumper Body
– Upper Body Hatch Storage Compartments
– Amdor Roll Up Doors
– 30” Pump House
– Hale 750 GPM Mid-Ship Pump
– E.J. Metals Ultra High Pressure Auxiliary PTO Driven Water Pump
– UHP Pump Rated Output, 8 GPM @ 2,800 PSI
– 300 Gallon Water / 10 Gallon Foam Tanks
– Rear Hose Bed
– Front Cross-Lays
– Whelen Emergency Light Package


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